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St Bridget of Sweden Six Decade Rosary, Virgin of the Grapes, Carmelite Reflection & About Me

Rosary in Hand

St. Bridget of Sweden

St Bridget (Brigitta, Brigitta, Birgite) 1302-1373. Daughter of Birger, Prince of Sweden. Wrote Revelations, translated into various laguages.  The Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost appear above the saint.  19th century French coloured woodcut.

St. Bridget of Sweden Image

The Brigittine Order, also known as the Order of the Most Holy Savior, was founded by Saint Birgitta (Bridget) of Sweden. St. Bridget was inspired to found the Brigittine Rosary in the 14 century. The Brigittine Rosary is similar to the Dominican Rosary, except it has 6 decades instead of 5. It is a devotion of the Carmelites, originating from St Bridget of Sweden

The Six Decade Brigittine Rosary, Origin & Indulgences

St. Bridget was inspired to introduce what is now known as the six decade Brigittine Rosary; for in the 14th century the Dominican Rosary was not in general use, except in the Dominican Order. and people said their beads according to their own private devotion. Pope Urban V approving of St. Bridget’s Rosary devotion … enriched it with indulgences of a hundred days for each bead prayed. Bridget’s custom was to say sixty-three Aves (Hail Mary’s) in honour of the 63 years of Our Lady’s life, seven ‘Our Fathers (or Paters)’ in memory of the 7 Dolours (Sorrows) and 7 Joys of Our Lady. Learn more about the Mary’s Sorrows and Joys here!

About the image: St Bridget (Brigitta, Brigitta, Birgite) 1302-1373. Daughter of Birger, Prince of Sweden. Wrote Revelations, translated into various languages. The Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost appear above the saint. 19th century French coloured woodcut

“St. Bridget of Sweden”, by Francesca Maria Steele

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding the Boy Jesus. Jesus holds a brown scapular in his left hand and Mary holds one in her right hand.

Experiencing the presence of God, a Carmelite Reflection

July 20th, 2022: I find such peace, strength, and direction is these words: “The life of a Carmelite must be filled with some kind of work; never being idle, but ever letting her soul rest in Jesus and Mary while we work. Devotions such as Ignatiun Meditation and Lectio Divina are considered too “complex” for a Carmelite; it is really much simpler. It is a seeing, a being in constant conversation with the Beloved. It is setting aside the imagination, stilling the faculties and remembering the presence of that King and Queen resting in the very center of our souls, as if in a tabernacle. Brother Lawrence, a revered Carmelite, was so adamant on this “practice of the presence of God” that he said he no longer believed in God; he SAW God.” Source

These words strike a chord in my heart and soul. I know of Mary and Jesus’s presence, around me; but it doesn’t make my human struggles easier, infact my struggles seem more difficult, as I am mindful of the full consequences of my imperfections, is separation from my destiny with my Spritual Mother and Jesus. The thought of being separated from Mary and Jesus, is more than I can bear. So I choose to focus my consecration to Jesus by following Mary’s exemplary life, and ask her assistance in leading me to her Son. St. Louis De Montfort has stated that while other paths will lead us to Jesus, a path through Mary, the most perfect human ever created, is the most direct, and time is of the essense!*

About Me

I am the Mary to Jesus Blogger. I had a major life changing event in 2020 which I credit my surviving to the intercession of the Holy Spirit, His spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus’s mercy. I am currently employed and due to concerns I have regarding religious intolerance, and criticism from skeptics and Christians alike, I have chosen to remain an anonymous blog author, so I am free to deliver the understandings from Jesus and Mary, without the noise of analyzing me. You are free to read what I write on its’ own merits and see if you find the thoughts helpful. My goal is to help others in a small way in their own faith journey. Fiat!

Design Manager, Writer, and Speaker

IMAGES: St. Bridget of Sweden, OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL CAMEO , Young Mary Brooch, Virgin of Grapes, LADY OF MT CARMEL, Images herein!…

Historians mostly agree that Mary was actually a young teenage girl when she had Jesus, as opposed to the more mature woman she is usually depicted. This artist’s cameo I believe captures a young Mary holding the boy Jesus, I believe quite well. Victorian, Italy Painting
The beautiful painting, Virgin of the Grapes was painted by Pierre Mignard in 1640. It is featured on a Victorian chromolithograph postcard which describes its place of residence as the Louve in Paris, France. The artist is know for his religious painting, especially images of the Madonna and Child.
The Virgin of the Grapes 
Mignard Pierre 
1614 – 1616 
Musée du Louvre, Paris
The Blessed Mother and Christ child are seated in a room by twilight. The Virgin wears a red dress covered with a blue mantle, indicating her role in the divine plan of salvation. With her right hand, she presents the child with grapes. Little Jesus sits on a cushion placed on his mother’s lap. In a playful gesture, he seems to engage in a peek-a-boo with the observer while caressing the grapes with his right hand. This cute canvas unfolds a message. Notice the basket of fruits placed on the side table. The apples remind us of the human fall while the grapes bear witness to the redeeming blood of Christ. Mary’s offering of the grapes foreshadows her role at the Manifestation of the Wedding Feast at Canna and the Cross. As baby Jesus lifts his mother’s veil, he opens the doors to Salvation. Source Here.


*On July 22, 2020 @approx 10:00P.M. I suffered a massive L MCA Stroke and was given a 3% chance of survival. I was unable to communicate with those around me. More about this life changing event in my frist blog post, here!

I was 72 years old at the time, and although there was over a 72 year history of who I was, I realized that in “this moment, this is who I was and all my history, save for my prayers, penitential acts and sacraments received, was all I had, it was all I was, and these adorned my soul and this is ME and Christ IS in charge.” It was perfectly evident to me, that I had nothing beyond my soul, controlled nothing, except that I had been given an opportunity to make my soul perfect for my Lord, before that instance of the stroke, and now seemingly that opportunity was over.

I believe through the intervention and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her Holy Spouse, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, I have nearly completely survived and recovered from that stroke. I believe I am the same person, but a therapist I saw for a short time, said she only knows of who I am now, and I guessed that made sense to me. I know that I am different in that I have a fire in my soul, to be Mary’s Slave, ie. living my life by her example and in committment to her, on my path to uniting my soul with her Son in eternity. I am back at work, and how I am integrating my Love for Mary and Jesus, in my everyday life is what this Blog is about. I believe every second I have in this world is time that was given back to me, a sort of second chance at life, and that gift is ever so precious. I feel that I have some reflections on my Journey back to uniting my soul with Jesus, that may help others, but more so I feel an urgency, a fire in my soul, to tell others about and encourage them to have the same fire, and to waste not a minute with what’s really important in life.

Our Lady of Mt Carmel,

Our Lady of Mt Carmel

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