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Newsletter’s You Might Have Missed

Holy Spirit, Jesus, & Mary, Lead us to God …GodMindfulness

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Jesus Christ acts as a bridge between humanity and divinity. His sacrifice is our continual connection to heaven itself. The point where Jesus touches earth burns with immense love for mankind. And as man elevates the host up towards heaven, the Holy Spirit drips divinity back into the chalice of our receptive hearts. Mary is also a chalice, she is a simple and humble cup who holds divinity within her. And once a chalice holds the blood of divinity, it can never be a normal cup again. We burn illuminated candles and our hearts burn within us as we gaze upon the heart of our Savior. And as the world embraces the sacrifice of their Ultimate Love, Mary’s mantle will wrap around us in an embrace of solace.

Newsletter Archive: Christian Contemplative Prayer v2.0 and a Summary of Prayer in The Christian Life from the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Notes on the Featured art of this Blog Post: The Artistic Drawing that is featured is original art by Leanne Bowen, Etsy, that is a incredible rendering of the concept of the Eucharist: “Jesus Christ acts as a bridge between humanity and divinity. His sacrifice is our continual connection to…

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St Therese of Lisieux

Does Saint Therese want us to clean our house?

and all about a simple way to Sainthood and Praying the Rosary! My sister told me many of my posts, are long to read, and complicated to read through. She stated that it seemed I am preaching to people. My daughter said that not everyone can meet the expectations of…

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St Therese Lisieux as a young woman dressed in costume of Joan of Arc for a play.

Newsletter Archive: St. Therese Lisieux and God Mindfulness!

My recent post reflects upon St Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way.” Taking a deeper dive, what is actually her Little Way? In my post I refer to it being God Mindfulness!  Prayerful life, is a “God Mindfulness Life”, anchored by thought and actions throughout our day. It is a life…

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Bronze 7 Sorrow Virgin Medal

Newsletter Archive: All About Rosaries

Picture of a Brigittine Rosary, which is a 6 decade Rosary, popularized by St. Bridgid of Sweden Not all Rosaries are 5 decades, Meditating on the Dominican Rosary is the most common, Rosary i.e. 20 mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous (instituted in 2002 by Pope John Paul II)?   Unlike the…

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Historians mostly agree that Mary was actually a young teenage girl when she gave birth to Jesus, as opposed to the more mature woman she is usually depicted. This artist’s cameo I believe captures a young Mary holding the boy Jesus, I believe quite well.
Victorian, Italy Painting
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Mary to Jesus Blogger: The only way I can assure my soul safe passage to eternity, is by making Jesus and Mary’s way of life, my way of life; not a portion of my life daily, weekly, monthly or yearly but all my life, let my life imitate Their life! Fiat!

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