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Prayer: Meditation on the Nativity

In a series of posts I will reflect on the first ask of Mary and Jesus, Prayer. There are many resources on prayer and it is not my intention to recreate or summarize over two thousand years of Catholic prayer history, but merely to emphasize Prayer as an activity that we are called to daily. I believe that Prayer is primary in what Jesus asks of us, because it represents the most expedient and simple response of our Soul to Jesus and Mary. Prayer can be verbal, thoughts, a Heavenward gaze invoking our Lord’s assistance or praising Him in this moment, offering all that we do for Him; or interior reflections, unifying our souls with the Holy Spirit, Mary, Jesus and God the Father.

Prayer was the first activity that Jacinta Marto, Francisco and Lucia de Jesus, were asked to do daily, by the Angel appearing to them 3 times, prior to the apparitions of the Lady of the Rosary, in Fatima, Portugal, 1916. “Do not be afraid. I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.” The angel taught them “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you.” (Fatima website)

Meditation can be a form of prayer if directed towards Jesus and /or His Teachings. Across my life I have tried many Religious and secular activities, books and recordings from vinyl, tapes and CDs, to develop a daily practice of Spiritual Meditation with a Jesus focus, with varying success. However I have found a Guided Meditation, with instruction and example, which connects me with Jesus and Mary in a way I never thought possible. The power is in the words, the imagery and technique to follow. The Meditation embedded here, is by the Daughters of Mary and there is a link to their website to purchase your own copy or other absolutely stunning recordings, like their Gregorian Chant. This Meditation is on the Nativity, and they also have a series for Lent. I have no affiliation with them or gain anything financially by promoting them. I will say that I listen to this Nativity Meditation at least once a week from my phone, anytime anywhere, and deepen my union with Jesus and Mary, and my meditative technique, every time I do. If you listen closely, the practice the sister recommends is extremely powerful, and is a good meditation to orient our thinking, 365 days of the Year. This is not just a Christmas Meditation, because the imagery literally encompasses all of our Lord’s Salvation History and speaks to what we, what I am called to do daily! The technique can be applied to your own topics and used as often as you wish. I hope and pray you find this Nativity Meditation meaningful and a valuable tool to develop a Meditation technique on a regular basis or hone your current technique a little bit sharper . Daughters of Mary have published the book Meditations and Reflections, of which this meditation is one of them.

Daughters of Mary ( ( Can be purchased at the above link.

Meditation on Nativity, Daughters of Mary Press “It is our hope that through this meditation on the Nativity, read by one of the Sisters, you will attain a greater understanding of our Savior’s humility and love, with a stronger resolution to imitate these virtues of His sacred Infancy.” Daughters of Mary

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