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Newsletter Archive: Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 15

The image below is an old artist’s rendering depicting the Blessed Virgin being assumed into Heaven, Baody and Soul!

The Feast of the Assumption: Most of the reflections that I have read re: Mary’s Assumption into Heaven have focused on the fact that God created Mary as the most perfect human, and because of her Sin-less-ness and Holiness (Luke 1:28), and thus was worthy to be assumed into Heaven with Jesus, in Body and Soul.  Most reflections point to the Assumption as a testament, as proof, that our place someday as Saints, will be likewise, with a perfectly glorified body and soul, at the end of time.

God before the Fall, created our bodies in His image and likewise they are sacred instruments of potential grace. 
Early in this blog I have referred to my own acknowledgement that my soul is eternal, and when I was very ill, I knew all that I had for the trip “home” was my soul, and that I needed to focus on adorning it with treasures recognized as valuable in Heaven! (Prayer, Pennitential Acts and reception of the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist and Confession.) 
My focus since July 2020, though not as perfect as I would like, has not wavered. So for myself, and I hope this may help another, the Feast of the Assumption is a reminder that: 
Mary is the most perfect human that ever lived and a life to be imitated!
When I leave this earth, my body will be left to decay until Risen into Jesus’s Glory at the end of time.
My body is both an instrument of obtaining Grace by my focus and actions; and also can be a instrument of potentially separating myself from Jesus and Mary, by the same ability to act (this is my free will.) 
This is my daily work,
to use my gifts to bring Glory to Mary and Jesus, through my thoughts, words and deeds. 
To adorn my soul with actions, that reflect the perfections of Jesus and Mary, until I can be a saint for eternity. 
This is the example that I see in my own life, that the Assumption of Mary, places before me! 
There is a prayer that I have previously noted I say on the Medal of St. Bridgid, when praying the Brigittine Rosary, that speaks to me, as the way forward in this life of which I am Blessed. It to me expresses the fire in my soul that should be kindled, so that someday, my body will be glorious, in Heaven: 
“O Sweet Jesus! Pierce my heart so that my tears of penitence and love will be my bread day and night; may I be converted entirely to Thee, may my heart be Thy perpetual habitation, may my conversation be pleasing to Thee, and may the end of my life be so praiseworthy that I may merit Heaven and there with Thy saints, praise Thee forever. Amen.
From: Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden


My Life according to Your Words Jesus,

Let’s Do IT!


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