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Newsletter Archive: St. Therese Lisieux and God Mindfulness!

My recent post reflects upon St Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way.” Taking a deeper dive, what is actually her Little Way? In my post I refer to it being God Mindfulness! 

Prayerful life, is a “God Mindfulness Life”, anchored by thought and actions throughout our day. It is a life of acceptance and gratitude for the gifts bestowed on us, maximizing their use for the Love and good of others, all the time! 

” Love…” are the key words that actually define Therese’s Little Way.” I will include a clip here from a youtube video, from Fr. Chris Alar, a Marian Father with the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, in which he describes St. Therese stating that if she does things for the Love of God, the simplest of things, like picking up a pin off the floor, it can save a soul! This is IF the action is performed because we know that the Lord represents perfect harmony, and a pin on the floor is out of place; and if we return the pin to a proper place, out of Love for the perfection of the Lord, this love action is so powerful, it can save a soul!

St Therese Picking up a pin for the Love of the Lord!  Please Click the link to the left to hear the 1 minute Highlight of Therese!

Therese was about 15 when she entered the Convent Cloister and died of Tuberculosis 9 years later at age 24. Fr. Chris says that her autobiography “Story of a Soul” is resplendent with references regarding living life imitating the Love of the Christ. I did a Kindle search across her book on the word Love, and the citations are too numerous to recount, but the sense of them in general brings me to tears, because St. Therese was a beautiful, precious, woman, with a large loving heart and I feel sad for the other sisters that could only know her a short time, According to Therese’s own account she had difficulty getting along with her sisters, but she did so, because she thought that if Christ loved them, then she should love them, so that His Love for them, would show through her, and no one would suspect that they were any less loved in this world! I am also reminded that Christ in His perfect Love and Mercy, for each and every one of us, means we return that same Love back to Him, but while we are in this world, we do this mirroring His love, to each other!
I do not want to get too wordy, but I pray to everyone that reads this, that my wish for them is we act for the Love and good of others, all the time! This is the underpinning of all we do, all we pray, all of our penitential acts and all of reception of the sacraments. Living with Love, is a choice each of us can make, no matter the circumstances! Fiat!
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