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God-Mindfulness Daily Practice Guide

This guide is meant to be used to practice living a life of God-Mindfulness as explained in the posts about God-Mindfulness.

God-Mindfulness Day Prayer


My Jesus and Mary, I Thank You for Your Blessings Today, I offer You
the fruits of my work and joys of my day for Your intentions.
I promise to silently bear my sufferings, inconveniences and injustices as reparations
for sins causing You great sorrow.
Jesus, through the Fruits of Your Holy Spirit, I give You my will, please mould it to Yours, so by my acts, Thy Will Be Done!


My Jesus, forgive my failings that have offended You today.
I offer You and Mother Mary the merits of my good works for Your
intentions as You see fit.


Thank you, Jesus, for the Blessings You have bestowed on me.
Please forgive me for all my acts which have offended You and Mary today.
Please accept the merits of all my good works,
for Your intentions, as You see fit

Drifting to Sleep:

Oh, Jesus and Mother Mary I know how You love me and Bless me;
please hold me and protect me,
I am thinking of You and I know You are watching over me.“Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit” by Leanne Bowen,
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