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The Meaning of Christmas, A Time to Act!

As Christmas is fast approaching, I wish to emphasize that it is because of God’s Love for all His Creation (US), He in the Person of The Holy Spirit, conceived Jesus in the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus was Born into this World. The Person of the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of God’s Love for us! and Jesus is the Personification of God’s Love in this world. Frequently when I wish to “center” myself when being bombarded with distractions, especially prevalent at Christmas time, I turn to this song recorded by David Haas, “Be Born In Us Today”.

This song I believe sums up our entire Journey as Christians, asking Jesus to “give Life to Our Decay and be Born is Us Today,” I listen to this song almost weekly and sometimes play it repeatedly meditating on the words. I wish to provide something simple and quick that people could turn to, to immerse themselves in the meaning of Christmas. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think this song is worth 3 thousand words! I feel Blessed that with the technology on Youtube, I can provide this entire song for everyone via Youtube without a copyright issue.

“This Child Brings Life to our Decay….” approximately at 2:50 into the song = THIS IS THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!

Be Born in Us Today David Haas

Be Born in us Today, embodies the spirit of this Blog,”My most urgent understanding is: “it’s Simple”. Yes, Christmas is the Birth of Christ Jesus, but the meaning of Christmas for us is not a passive marking of Christ’s Birth, but rather an active reminder to Go Forth…Go Forth, thank Jesus for His Love and Seek opportunities to BE His Love IN the world Daily. By living a GodMindful Life, Jesus, is ” Born in Us Today!”


Upcoming will be a series of posts on the Holy Spirit, as it is He Who Enlightens Our Mind, and Whom we are talking to daily as GodMindful people. These posts will feature the art the “Advocate” by Etsy artist Mary Faucheux as well as the art I’ve featured previously by Leanne Bowen. The actual posts on the Holy Spirit, are partly being drawn from the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux and St Anne Catherine Emmerich. More to come, May God Bless You, Today and Always…Go With the Lord! mtj

“The Advocate, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name-he will teach you everything and remind you everything I told you.” John 14:26

This digital oil painting is by Etsy Artist Mary Faucheux Owner of SimplyJoyfulPrint
Throughout the painting, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are hand-lettered if you can spot them 🙂 Visit her shop here!

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