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The Holy Spirit is God’s Love and His Love Lives within Us!

I am a Beacon of the Holy Spirit’s Love for all. My Body is a Light House where He Dwells, so others can find their way to Jesus through me!

“O LORD, HOW GOOD AND SWEET IS YOUR SPIRIT” Picture I captured of the Holy Spirit Mural, Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Washington D.C., 12.29.2022

Gods love generates the light of the Holy Spirit within us” quote from a Homily on 12.29.2022 at Franciscan Monastery of Holy Land Mass at 7AM EST.

There is a post I wrote that talks about Jesus being here right now, besides me, with me and He loves me! and I realize that I truly believe this. It seems pretty simple, pretty familiar and comforts and guides my thoughts to think these thoughts, to say these words, especially the word Jesus! Why does thinking about God, about Jesus comfort me? The answer comes back is because I know Jesus, I am knowing Jesus through His Word, the Bible and through my Faith, and that Jesus Loves me, unconditionally! I think about living each day with a God-Mindfulness spirit, even according to my own thinking I am thinking about God, talking to God and having a conversation with God all the time. These thoughts though about God, conversing with God, seem to indicate that I am having a conversation or thoughts with someone outside of me, or separate from me. Sort of a buddy that’s around me all the time. This could be a way to interpret a God-Mindfulness way of living; but this is not how I interpret God-Mindfulness. God-Mindfulness is much more than a conversation with God everyday, it is in fact living an imitation of Jesus everyday, and we are able to do this because He gave us His Holy Spirit to dwell within us, when we have Faith in Him!

So then what does thinking about the Holy Spirit add to my thinking, or how does thinking about the Holy Spirit comfort me? Do my thoughts reflecting on the Holy Spirit complicate matters of my faith or can they be part of my simple understanding? The conclusion I have reached is that the Holy Spirit is part of my simple understanding if I just focus on the fact that the Holy Spirit is Jesus’s Gift to me! Jesus by His word said In John 20:22, “And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” This is a really powerful belief that is expressed in numerous ways amongst the different Christian Religions. It is even a central tenet of the Course in Miracles that is not a religion but a course in instruction about knowing God that can apply regardless of one’s religious belief (reference below.)

The reason why thinking about the Holy Spirit is so powerful, is that God has told us, through His Word that the same Holy Spirit that brought Jesus incarnate into this world at Christmas as a Baby born of Mary, Lives within US, is Given to Us by virtue of the Grace of God, when we Believe in Him, have Faith in Him and are Baptized in the Lord, and accept Him as our Savior. Christian’s believe this happens when we are baptized and Catholics believe additionally that our relationship with the Holy Spirit blossoms more deeply when we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. (This section and the next two paragraphs updated 7.8.2023)

It is thought, “the Sacrament of Confirmation” involves an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that leaves a mark on the soul. Unlike baptism, Catholics believe that those who have not been confirmed are able to reach Heaven when they die, but they believe that the journey to get there will be much more challenging. Some Catholics consider confirmation to be a way of making them into ”Soldiers for Christ.” This means that they are willingly devoting their lives to Jesus and fully embracing their faith.

It is not the point of this post to discuss the differences or facts of faiths, but more so emphasize that not only am I a God-Mindful person, as I live the presence of God in my life, but by the fact that God, Lives within me, by virtue of His Grace as His Holy Spirit, I am given an incredible opportunity, each moment to reflect the Love of God in my life to the world around me. Dwelling within me, I have it on God’s Word that He lives within me, and that my purpose is to reflect His Love to others by my actions, by my daily living. Through ME, through my relationship with the world around me, others will come to know God or know Him better, just as I will come to know God better through other God-Mindful People I interact with, through other Christians, that is. However this last part about knowing God through others is a bonus not a requirement of my day. Because just as Jesus extends His love to everyone, particularly to those that do not know Him, He asks me to show His Love to everyone, especially to those that do not know Him, so that they will by my actions, by my life, by my witness to Jesus’s Life, everyone will know Jesus! When I meet people that I do not think know Jesus’s Love, I look for that Love that I know he Has for them, and I am a living witness to that love, for them. I am His witness to others!

This is what my living in this moment is about. And what is great, is it’s by the Gift of the Holy Spirit from God, that I am able to do this! That is how the Holy Spirit is part of my simple thinking about Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit within me, that is my direct communication to Jesus, to God and His Gift of the Holy Spirit within me, is my guide to know Jesus and see Jesus in others. It is through the Gift of the Holy Spirit I am able to walk with Jesus. If I circle back to the quote from the opening Homily I heard at the Franciscan Monastery on 12.29, it is through God’s Love, I come to know Him, to walk with Him and bring others to Him as I share His Love through my life, and Shine the Light of His Holy Spirit to others.

I am a Beacon of the Holy Spirit’s Love for all. My Body is a Light House where He Dwells, so others can find their way to Jesus through me!

Additional Note and Art to reflect on the Holy Spirit in our life below.

Note: Holy Spirit role as per the Course in Miracles: “His ability to look beyond symbols into eternity enables Him to understand the laws of God, for which He speaks. …The Holy Spirit is in light because He is in you who are light, but you yourself do not know this. It is therefore the task of the Holy Spirit to reinterpret you on behalf of God.”

“The Advocate, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name-he will teach you everything and remind you everything I told you.” John 14:26

This digital oil painting is by Etsy Artist Mary Faucheux Owner of SimplyJoyfulPrint
Throughout the painting, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are hand-lettered if you can spot them 🙂 Visit her shop here!

A pictorial Representation of what it means to Live a God-Mindful Life, Photo: Lighthouse @‎⁨Havre de Grace⁩, ⁨Chesapeake Bay⁩, ⁨United States⁩, Taken March 25, 2022 at 5:25 PM
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