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3 Songs of Redemption, to Inspire your Lenten Devotions!

Song 1The God Who Sees, Nicole C. Mullen and Kathie Lee Gifford

The God Who Sees, Nicole C. Mullen and Kathie Lee Gifford…God Sees you, He Is With You, by Virtue of His Holy Spirit He Dwells within you. No matter the darkness in your life be it psychologically, socially or in the secular world if all the powers cease (Internet, Electricity, Gas…If the Light of Day and Night is cut-off from you), you will walk in the brightest Light, if you allow Jesus to Guide you. If you kneel and bow to his awesomeness; If you are Mindful of His unlimited Love and Forgiveness for you, He will Raise you up, because He is the God that sees through all the Darkness of your worlds!

You need not fear any type of Darkness, any type of Blackout, if you allow Jesus, as the song states to “raise you up!”, He will put a “ring of fire around you” and He will protect you! All you have to do to draw closer to Jesus during lenten season, is to promise to remind yourself, frequently, that He is beside you! He is in the same room, the same space with you, whenever and wherever that may be. “The God Who Sees”, (El Roi*), this song reminds us of His Watchful Presence, and through the words, music and images we can feel, imprint His Presence on all of our senses! This video and song is a sensual story-full feast of the Miracles and Love brought about by God in this recounting of the persons of the genealogy of Jesus, and examples of the Miracles God performed in their Lives at times of their deepest despair, desperation, hopelessness…times that seemed like they were experiencing a Blackout of energy, of Life! ……*( Hagar, out of gratitude (source), gives God a name: El Roi, the God Who Sees (Genesis 16:13) ). P.S. This original reference is a fantastic read! MTJ

Song 2 My Redeemer Lives Nicole C Mullen performed 3 years ago at Gateway Church, source.

Nicole reflects in this performance on the recording of the God Who Sees, but then sings “My Redeemer” lives. This song is a powerful look ahead to Jesus’s Resurrection, and reminds us that the Lenten season is an opportunity to be more Christ-Like than ever before, so that we may be with Him Today and Live Forever! The Resurrection is the Proof that we Live forever because Jesus Died for Us, and just as He Rose from the dead, He, His Grace overcomes the Darkness of Sin in our Life, the Darkness which is the separation form His Love in any moment of our lives, and He replaces that Darkness with the Light of His Spirit. A Light so bright, that we never have to fear the Darkness, we never have to fear a Blackout, because in Jesus, In His Spirit there is only His Grace, His Love, and His Light…His Light is Love and it is so Bright it obliterates all darkness, there can never be a Blackout with Jesus!

Song 3 Be Born in Us Today by David Haas

Be Born in us Today, embodies the spirit of this Blog,”My most urgent understanding is: “it’s Simple”. Yes, Christmas is the Birth of Christ Jesus, but the meaning of Christmas for us is not a passive marking of Christ’s Birth, but rather an active reminder to Go Forth…Go Forth, thank Jesus for His Love and Seek opportunities to BE His Love IN the world Daily. By living a GodMindful Life, Jesus, is ” Born in Us Today!” Lent reminds us that by Embracing Jesus’s Spirit within we are destined to life Forever in the Resurrected Jesus Christ!

Be Born In Us Today by David Haas

Full Length Song!
1 minute Song Clip!
Reflection: Trust in the Lord, He is the Promise we will live forever & Ask Him into your life now, today and everyday, Live with God, Top of Mind, Live with GodMindfulness! By your baptism and through His Grace, He through His Holy Spirit Dwells within you, and His Light casts out all Darkness, there is and never will be a Blackout with Jesus, only Light, you just radiate His Light when you embrace His presence within you all the time.

Use Lent as an opportunity to draw closer to Jesus, He Who Dwells Within!

Christmas begins our Life-walk by sight, imitating the Way of Jesus, and Lent’s season of reflections, affirms on Easter Sunday, we live forever in the Risen Jesus! My Redeemer Lives, is our walk by Faith!…
One more emotional version of Nicole C Mullen, Singing “Redeemer”, (a song she wrote), at the 32nd annual Dove Awards with the Nashville Super Choir, click on full video at bottom to hear entire performance…
More on the Holy Spirit to come, but it’s urgent realize Jesus is here within you, and embrace His presence every moment with your thoughts and actions, Be the Saint you are meant to be! MTJ Fiat!

At Christmas we learn to Walk by Sight, At Easter we learn to Walk by Faith!

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