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COMING SOON: Gabbi’s Angel Reflections: Your Angel Loves You, Live Today as if You Will Die Tonight!



Our resident Guardian Angel Marionette, Gabbi (1), reminds us about how we should live each day, really LIVE each day, to be sure we cross through the narrow gate when the time of our death in this world comes.
(1) For more information About the Creation and Purpose of the Video Podcast “Gabbi’s Angel Reflections, by Gabriella Marionettisee this section towards the end of this post.
Hi, my name is Gabriella Marionetti, but you can call me Gabbi. I’m here to remind you that your Guardian Angel is REAL. Your Guardian Angel Protects you on your walk with Jesus, against bad people, places and things that can be instrumental in turning you away from God!
Join me as I tell you more about your Guardian Angel, and how I choose to Love, Guide and Protect you always in this world.
I also encourage you to pray to St. Benedict to help you remain faithful to God and Protect Your soul from evil in this world.

Gabbi’s Angel Reflections: Your Angel Loves You, Live Today as if You Will Die Tonight!

About Gabbi Marionetti…

Hi, my name is Gabriella Marionetti, but you can call me Gabbi. I’m here to remind you that your Guardian Angel is REAL. I am protecting your soul against the evil influences of people, places and things that surround your walk with Jesus every day. I do not wish you to miss your opportunity to live in God’s Perfect and Glorious Paradise, a new Garden of Eden, for all eternity!
Join me as I tell you more about your Guardian Angel, how I choose to Love , Guide and Protect you forever in this world.
I encourage you to Pray to St. Benedict as one way to help you remain faithful to God and Protect You from evil in this world.

About Marionettes and my creation, Gabriella Marionetti!

Did you know that Marionette’s have a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages (1500-500 AD)? The first ever Marionettes were Virgin Mary Puppets in France, and the word Marionette means “Little Mary” in French!

In French, marionette means “little Mary”. In France, during the Middle Ages, string puppets were often used to depict biblical events, with the Virgin Mary being a popular character, hence the name. Additionally, one of the first figures to be made into a marionette was the Virgin Mary.

(The word marionette was borrowed in 1645 from Middle French marionnette, which literally translates to “little little Mary”. It comes from the name Mariole and the diminutive suffix –ette (the l was changed to an n because of influence from the name Marion), and Mariole is itself a diminutive of Mary. Apparently, during the Middle Ages in France, it was popular to put on string puppet shows of biblical events, and one of the more popular puppets was the Virgin Mary, hence the name. 

Mary, which is also the source of Marion as well as a bunch of other names (including Maria, Molly, Polly), has a disputed origin but is commonly said to be from an Aramaic word meaning “rebellion”. According to Google Ngrams, usage of the name has remained constant in recent centuries, but made up a much larger share of overall baby names in the early-to-mid twentieth century.) Source

As for Me! Gabriella Marionetti, my gown, my wings, my hand carved body, my strings, even my name Gabriella, were all created by my human parents, and an Artist Wood Carver at Czech Marionettes, in the Prague Republic,

so that You could use all your imagination skills to envision your Guardian Angel appearing and talking to you, perhaps having a conversation with you, for a brief moment in time
I’m here to share some thoughts about what Jesus wishes you to follow from His Book, the Bible. I am here to help you think about your Spirit world, specifically the Blessed Spirits from God that surround you now, today and always, as well as the evil spirits that are trying to turn you away from God.
To help protect against evil influences, there is a medal I am wearing that is absolutely real and I encourage you to use, the St. Benedict Jubilee Medal on my chest. The St. Benedict Medal is a reminder to pray to St. Benedict and invoke his prayers to remain faithful to God and seek his protection upon your soul from evil spirits and influences in the world.
I also have a St Jude Medal, around my waist, that is a symbol of my Mission: “to offer you the word of God!

Remember your Moral Compass is applied to the Decision /temptation after you make the most earnest effort to collect al the facts. Then consider your decision in light of applying the following 5 principles. (1) harm/care, (2) fairness/reciprocity, (3) ingroup/loyalty, (4) authority/respect, and (5) purity/sanctity.5 These five foundations comprise the building blocks of morality, regardless of the culture.6

The Below is an excerpt from an Inaugural post of Gabbi’s Angel Reflections: about Your Guardian Angel, the below is a section of that post… on the subject of DEI vs. DES

DEI vs Dignity Equality and Solidarity

In every culture and time there has always been “new ways of thinking, that challenge our Moral Compass” and currently the concept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is such a concept! In 1789 the thinking that permeated the French Revolution and Britain, was the “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.” During the French Revolution, (1789), this “Declaration” was embodied in the motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” . This motto has a mix of religious and secular connotations. The struggle for you, is to follow those concepts that you believe make you a good citizen, but don’t follow directives that question your moral foundations defined by Jesus Christ in the Bible.
As a Christian, you know you are made in the image and likeness of God, and as this is your basic belief, then all humans are created equal under God. At issue with various cultural movements is where does our basic equality come from, God or Man. Man can affirm Equality, but you believe God has so ordained we are all equal. If our “equality” as humans comes from God and His Word, then we start to struggle with various man-made “moral” dictates that arise at different times in society. Today Diversity Equity and Inclusion proponents would have you believe that you need to practice DEI to make a correction for past injustices to several groups of people in society today. However if we closely examine the concept of Equity we see that in itself it is immoral, as it attempts in the workplace to “distribute organizational benefits (or umbrage) according to an individual’s membership within a biological or sociological category” as opposed to recognizing the varying talents of individuals as blessings from their Creator, by virtue of them being children of God! The immorality of the equity concept stems from mixing-up immutable characteristics of humans, created and defined by God, e.g. race and sex, with mutable characteristics, talent and virtue, and further mixing-in immutable characteristics, e.g. race and sex, that have been re-defined by man, as if man is God and can make a new human being. The equity concept on the surface seems harmless but with a closer examination it actually is trying to reset your moral compass and have you follow a God-less path almost unknowingly.
Here is a deeper dive example of why today’s equity cannot be considered a social norm:

Fostering equality is indeed a high moral value in the measure that all people are identical in dignity and are equally deserving of respect. This ethical intuition is embedded in the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.” It is, accordingly, a moral imperative that all people be considered one and the same before the law and provided, as far as possible, parity of opportunity in the educational, economic, and cultural spheres.

But equity in all things? Absolutely not. Many inequalities that obtain within human society—differences in intelligence, creativity, skill, courage, energy, etc.—are naturally given and could be eliminated only through a brutally imposed leveling out. And what follows from these natural inequalities is dramatic inequity in outcome: varying levels of attainment in all arenas of life. To be sure, some of these differences are the result of prejudice and injustice, and when this is the case, strenuous action should be taken to right the wrong.

But a blanket imposition of equity in outcome across all of our society would result in a massive violation of justice and would be made possible only by the most totalitarian sort of political arrangement (source).

As a consequence of God’s Blessings in our lives, we are all worthy of “…human dignity,” and “it dictates that organizations show equal respect to all employees (that is, organizations must treat everyone identically); yet (2) recognizing that the diversity among individuals also includes diversities of talent and virtue (what we could call mutable characteristics or potentialities that individuals can choose to develop),”
“the principle of equality also establishes a moral framework for justifiably treating individuals differently.” Source Dignity, Equality and Solidarity To ascribe the basis for how we treat each other as built upon our membership in a biological or sociological category attempts to define our worth as rooted more in the world, devoid of God, as opposed to our worth as Blessings and endowments from God, our Creator to be used in this world as Souls Journeying back to Heaven.
I worry that you may easily recognize that someone asking you to modernize the Bible as potentially leading you away from Jesus, as a wrong path on your road to heaven, but not so easily recognize that socio-cultural concepts like DEI are subtlety attempting to re-define basic concepts of moral behavior that Jesus by His example defined for you in the Bible based upon your worth as a soul created in His image and likeness. The more that you are led to believe that you need to follow new moral concepts based upon biologic or social characteristics, the more you are being led to believe in the God-like wisdom of MAN as being marvelous, supreme and wonderful for having figured these moral dictates out and leading you down this new path! New moral dictates in your society are often an indication of a society that is moving away from Jesus, because it has to distance itself from the basic moral principles that Jesus already defined for you by His life on earth. When you are being asked to do something that from the bottom of your soul doesn’t seem right, you can be fairly certain it is an ask of the Godless secular world, and not the God-like world of Jesus.
The more you imitate Christ’s Life, the more you know the wisdom of your God, as being marvelous, supreme and wonderful. The more you know your God, the more you know His Pure Love that you bear witness to in your living daily. The more you realize Jesus’s Pure Love for you, the more afire your heart will be for Jesus.
The more afire your heart is for Jesus, you will easily recognize that man does not have GOD-like wisdom, man only has secular wisdom and spiritual wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit within man’s soul, or from the REAL GOD in man’s life, Jesus Christ!…
DEI is a concept attempting to lead you away from Imitating Jesus! Reflect for a moment, did not Jesus reach out to the most diverse of Society, to the most unclean, the leper, the prostitute and Dignify their existence by His Love, making them clean; and including them by virtue of their souls created in His Image and likeness as part of His flock? However while Jesus recognizes we are all created to His image an Likeness, our common bond as future Saint’s, He also respects that in this world we have differences that are intrinsically tied to our own individual paths to the purification and sanctification of our fallen nature. To say that any one of us must pay reparations or establish equity because there are difference amongst us is immoral. This refutes creation and says man can correct God! To say that we should respect our bothers and sisters, and assist them in achieving success this is our Moral responsibility and is what it means to Love our Bothers and Sisters in Solidarity, as Jesus Loves us. Jesus’s way is aptly put as Dignity, Equality and Solidarity.

Your Daily Actions of Following God’s Will is Paramount to enter into His Kingdom

This is why it’s important to study Church teachings, ask questions of trusted Spiritual advisors and do your best to discern all the facts when following Jesus’s Will in your life. If you approach life with a fervent desire to know the meaning of God’s Love in your life, and act accordingly from the most sacred depths of your soul, you will remain in God’s Grace, EVEN if you misread, or misunderstand concepts such as DEI and what you think God is asking of you. Your intentions of your actions are so important because God always knows your circumstances and the influences around you, that are impacting your actions. Our Father knows your intentions, He knows what is in your Heart, what is emanating from your soul, and His endless Mercy makes you whole and perfect in His eyes. If you are absolutely sincere and, fully committed to Love Jesus with heartfelt intentions; He WILL recognize you as part of His flock, when you die.

This is why daily prayer, living close to Jesus through His Sacraments, and Imitating His Life is so important today before you die; for it is by your actions born out of your intentions, that He will know that you are part of His Flock, and He will carry you on His shoulders, across the Threshold to Eternity, to be with Him in Heaven when your time comes.

The above excerpt from a coming larger post, is part of a larger discussion about doing good and avoiding evil in our life. But no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we structure a God-Mindfulness day, there will be times we will fail. We may feel like all our efforts are for naught, and we are a bad person, and this thinking could spiral us out of control. It is in that very moment WE MUST CLING TO THE FACT THAT JESUS KNOWS US, JESUS LOVES US AND HE WILL GET US THROUGH…IN THAT MOMENT WE PLACE OUR TRUST IN JESUS AND MOVE FORWARD! YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE WORTHY, GOD MADE YOU BEFORE ANYONE ELSE HAD AN INKLING OF YOU! and you are absolutely beautiful and perfect!

Did God Know you before you were born?

The Lord called Jeremiah to be a prophet or a spokesperson to talk to His people. Jeremiah 1:The Lord gave me (Jeremiah) this message: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” [1]

Did God know me before I was born like Jeremiah? As we turn to the book of Psalms chapter 139, we find our answer.  Psalm 139:13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. 15 You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. 16 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. 17 How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! [2]. Source

God thought of you before He created you, you were God’s idea first, and He Loved the Idea of you, and chose you to be!  Sister Mary Grace, SV “Seek 22 Talk” 2023 Listen to her inspiring presentation on Trusting in God, by Sister Mary Grace, Sisters for Life

LISTEN TO THIS INSPIRING CLIP BY SISTER Mary Grace, SV, about Trusting in Jesus when we fail!

Reference: Regarding DES

DEI vs Dignity Equality and Solidarity
Source regarding your Moral Compass:

About the Creation and Purpose of the Video PodCast “Gabbi’s Angel Reflections, by Gabriella Marionetti”

About the Creation and Purpose of the Video PodCast “Gabbi’s Angel Reflections, by Gabriella Marionetti

(1.) Note About the creation of Gabriella: Gabriella Marionetti is a Marionette Theatre name given to this Marionette, by The name was chosen as a feminine version of the Archangel Gabriel’s name. “The angel Gabriel is the herald of visions, messenger of God and one of the angels of higher rank. He makes God’s message understandable to people and helps them to accept it with a pure heart.” It is the intent of to use “Gabriella” in a verbal and visual manner to emphasize accepted Christian and/or Catholic, Biblical Teaching and Concepts in a unique manner, thereby calling attention to them, for the purpose of teaching about, deepening the faith of and leading people of all ages to the Christian Faith. is concerned that the unseen Spirit world, competes with the visual bombardment of the modern seen secular world and while the unseen spirit world is actually more important to our life, it has increasingly less voice and attention as it is not seen generally. Gabriella was created to, in a small way, to be a reminder of the Angels Around Us all the time carrying us in God’s Loving Grace.

Gabriella was created with my human parent by Artists at Czech Marionettes, in the Prague Republic, to help bring for a brief moment in time, your Spirit world to Life!

Gabriella was hand carved from Linden wood in February 2023, at the request of, by a carver from Czech Marionettes, Prague, Czech, Republic. Gabriella’s name was carefully named by based upon the Archangel’s Gabriel name, as He was a messenger from God, and especially to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is with all respect that this Marionette Angel’s name, based upon one of the few named Angels in the Bible, is used here to communicate accepted Biblical and Christian Teachings unchanged from their documented sources.

In the instances of any comments and /or reflections from, those are made in accordance with the above intentions of leading others to accepted Christian & Catholic Teaching. Wishes to emphasize, that the marionette was named by upon commissioning her carving in keeping with the aforementioned attributes and intentions of her purpose and mission. Gabriella’s clothes were made according to ideas from by a Czech Marionette Dressmaker.

Gabriella wears a Saint Benedict of Nursia medal to protect her from evil influences.Saint Benedict became known for his power over the Devil, with the Holy Cross as his efficacious instrument to make the Devil flee. The St. Benedict medal is based on this tradition. Her St Benedict medal is provided by and was Blessed by a Priest following the Blessing of St. Benedict to protect her from evil attachments and influences. It is believed that Gabriella can be helpful in deepening our faith by visually portraying a relationship with a Guardian Angel, in a protective, loving and beautiful manner in the seen, created world in which we live. However, in reality ,Angels are spirits, they do not have bodies and they don’t have a particular sex, as Male or Female, as they do not pro-create; and real Angels are not given names by humans as we have no dominance over them in this world, and naming Angels implies otherwise, which is a violation of the natural order.

Gabriella was created as part of Marionette Performance Theatre and it is not implied that she represents any known, real angel, or known communications from Angels or God, or known likeness to an angelic apparition. Great care is exercised so that she is not associated with nor cared for around any known evil entities.

Gabriella also wears a St. Jude medal around her waist, as St. Jude, “Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he made profound differences in people’s lives as he offered them the Word of God.” and likewise this is Gabriella’s mission. Her St Jude medal around her waist is a symbol of her mission. SourceIn the V Cast post it is noted that Angels communicate by sending “images’ into our minds, this particular concept was derived from a lecture by Father Chad Ripperger, on Guardian Angels, referenced in the video clip within this blog post. … MTJ… Fiat

Reference: St. Benedict Medal

Reference: St. Jude Medal

St. Jude preached the Gospel with great passion, often in the most difficult circumstances. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he made profound differences in people’s lives as he offered them the Word of God. The Gospel tells us that St. Jude was a brother of St. James the Less, also one of the Apostles. They are described in the Gospel of Matthew as the “brethren” of Jesus, probably cousins. 

This quote from St. Jude’s Epistle, (attributed to St. Jude it is thought,) is what this VideoCast is all about! Jude 20–21 (ESV): 
(20) “But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, (21) keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.”

Angelic Blessings …

Angels, messengers from above, Sent to us by God, with boundless love, May their Blessings extended to us from God, always be with us, Guiding us through life’s chaos and fuss. Source: MTJ, March 10, 2023 Fiat!

God-Mindfulness Prayer…

A new format of my GodMindfulness Prayer Guide is available for download:

Download Horizontal GodMindfulness Guide with Our Father Prayer included and Image of Holy Spirit from the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC Dec. ’22 and all updates prior to 3.30.2023

A beautiful concert to listen to and raise up our souls! St Thomas Apostle Church, Washington DC.

“Christmas 2022 concert” from Christmas Stay Choir, Washington DC
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