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Home » Latest Blog Posts » Rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, NY Reflects on a GodMindfulness attitude as the way to Sainthood Nov. 13 2022

Rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, NY Reflects on a GodMindfulness attitude as the way to Sainthood Nov. 13 2022

Holy Spirit, Jesus, & Mary, Lead us to God …GodMindfulness

GodMindfulness is the 4th focus of this blog, 1) Prayer 2) Penance 3) Eucharist 4) GODMINDFULNESS click on the Godmindful quote to be taken to the most recent reference posting and other materials like the Practice Guide. It is similar to the spirituality of St. Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way”. Although I see it as an updated way of saying our day starts and ends with God on our Mind. It is also updated, because the word GodMindfulness incorporates a 21st Century Mental Health Practice of Mindfulness, of living in the present moment, but without God, for the Christian, there is no other moment. Without God I have no Present, no Today, no Tomorrow.

The word GodMindfulness is meant to convey the actual action or intention that I am practicing all the time. In this manner it is a simple clear way of life. The Word drives the thought and the thoughts drive creating the interior disposition and practice of living through my day: for Gratitude of God’ s Blessings, for penitential offering of the merits of my works, for silently bearing my pains and injustices as part of my penitential offerings, and asking for forgiveness for any moments of failing God’s wishes for me throughout my day.

I have featured Etsy artist Leanne Bowen’s “Fruits of the Holy Spirit” as Featured art for all the GodMindfulness Posts. This is no accident, as the Holy Spirit, is God enlightening our mind with direction, with the path forward with dealing with all the trials, joys and decisions we face on a daily basis. If we are GodMindful then we have “HolySpiritMindfulness.” The role of the Holy Spirit in our Sainthood journey is obvious when we look at the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

GodMindfulness is how God wishes us to live, moment to moment.

Recently Fr. Enrique Salvo, Rector St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC, USA, gave a Homily based on the Sunday Gospel for November 13th, 2022. He say’s, and I references in a few clips, that in our Life, it makes an entire difference if we place our eyes on God in Heaven, vs on Earth or of this world. If we do so, “Our Blessings a source of Our Gratitude to God, and a sign of God’s Love and Providence, and our crosses will be there, local and worldly crosses, but with the hope and complete assurance through Faith, God will get us through, we will be His instrument in these tragedies, and as such Live with Him Forever. He also quotes C.S. Lewis, that if we “aim at heaven, we will gain Heaven and earth thrown in..aim at earth and you will get neither…earth will never make you happy.”

Without our eyes on God, the blessings will be there..crosses will be there, .. and we become arrogant and proud and we think we are God ourselves…and when the crosses come we will despair and become desperate and that is not the way God wants us to become… to live. And in the end, according to C.S. Lewis, we will get neither, Heaven nor Earth.

Let us live with bringing the Holy Spirit into our mind now and all the time! Fiat!

Live without God, and we may temporarily be happy on earth, but personal crosses or global crosses which will eventually come, we will not be happy on earth, and the crosses will spread negativity instead of God’ s Love and faith in the world…from Fr. Enrique Salvo, Rector St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Homily full homily below

do not worry I will give you the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to know how to act and what to do..what to say at that given situation…..your lives will be saved…when you persevere in the Faith you will have eternal life…although you will die in this life on earth, your lives will be saved… regardless of personal news or loud world headline ..regardless of what personal news or headline tragic news you will Live forever with a Glorified body!

God Promises Eternal Life to those that have a God-Focus …from Fr. Enrique Salvo, Rector St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Homily full homily below..

God Promises Eternal Life to those who place their eyes on heaven” Full Homily can be found here 25:03 into video.

Complete Homily starts at 25:03 in the Mass…

Fr. Enrique Salvo, Rector St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Homily begins 25:03 into the Mass
NYC, NY Appointed effective 11.15.2022 quote from Homily at 10:15 EST Mass,

“Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit” by Leanne Bowen, Leanne Bowen Fine Art, Etsy Shop

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